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October 28, 2012
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"Nice costume squirt." I laughed, poking Finn's large red wig.
"Hey don't touch it! You might mess it up!" He protested, swatting my hands playfully away. I laughed more as I examined his whole costume. A plastic head band with a blue gem connected to it resting on his nose, tan pants, no shirt, silver rings on his bare biceps, his whole body painted blue, and a paper mache long glove with an eye painted on it and other designs. And of course the huge sword spray painted silver.
"So, what made you decided to be Billy for Halloween? Why not a vampire?" I asked, baring my fangs.
"Marceline, being a vampire is too overrated." He teased.
"Oh, shut up." I laughed, touching his wig again. He stepped back and put his hand to his chin, looking skeptical.
"So what are you supposed to be?" He asked.
"I'm a cat," I pointed to the tiny cat ears on my head, "duh." I smiled, baring my fangs again.
"Meow, meow! Hisssss!!" I pretended, swatting at Finn's wig.
"Bad kitty! Bad!" He joked, pushing my 'claws' away. I laughed again and smiled, but it quickly faded when Bonnibel walked towards us.
"Hey you guys! Ready for trick or treating?" Her cheery voice rang out.
"Of course! Jake and Lady already went ahead with their puppies." Finn said, equally excited. I rolled my eyes as Bubblegum went on about how important it is for parents to spend time with their children.
"So what are you?" I interrupted. She frowned, but then smiled again at how she will get to give us a painfully boring lecture on her costume.
"I, am a neutron. A neutron is a tiny subatomic particle that can be found in practically all forms of conventional matter. The neutron's home is in the atomic nucleus, where it is bound closely with protons through the strong nuclear force, the strongest force in nature. Neutrons are responsible for about half the weight of conventional matter by volume. Interesting factoid, the neutron is so named because it is electrically neutral. It can be seen as a proton and an electron smashed together. Because both of these particles have opposite charge of the same magnitude, their fusion-" I interrupted her while rolling my eyes.
"Newsflash Bonnie! We don't care!" I said, my voice sounding annoyed.
"Come on Marcy…don't be so harsh…" Finn persisted quietly. And that's just like Finn, always standing up for princesses. But when it comes to a certain vampire, who has saved him from death multiple times I might add, he completely ignores her problems. Bubblegum smiled at Finn gently, which made me even more pissed.
"Thank you, Finn. Well, the first house on my list is Cinnamon Bun's, so let's go!" She said excitedly. She turned and started walking, and Finn followed her like a lost puppy. Or a love sick one. I rolled my eyes once more and floated slowly behind him.
"Trick or treat!" Finn and Bubblegum said perfectly in sync. I just shrugged my shoulders.
"Oh my! Don't you all look adorable!" Cinnamon Bun's mother cooed. She placed at least a dozen candy bars in each of our bags, each time commenting on our costumes, and closed the door softly.
"One house down, one hundred fifty four to go!" Bonnibel announced happily. Finn cheered but I just let out a big sigh. One hundred fifty four houses with Bonnie and Finn making googoo eyes at her. Bubblegum skipped a bit ahead and me and Finn lingered behind.
"You really think this is fun? I mean, the candy is cool but it's just boring. And you know how I feel about Bonnibel." I said glumly to Finn.
"Aw, come on, it can't be that bad. Just keep thinking of all the candy we're going to get!" He said loudly.
I chuckled, "Yeah okay." Finn smiled at me, a genuine, warm smile.
"Really, I want you to have fun." He said softly, quickly blushing and looking away. I laughed a little, and felt my heart flutter a bit.
"Come on you guys!" I heard Bubblegum shout. She was way ahead of us, standing on someone's porch steps.
"Coming!" Finn returned, and he lightly grabbed my hand as she ran to Bubblegum. I felt my face grow red and I could have sworn I felt my heart beat. He released my hand  when Bubblegum gave us a skeptical look, and rang the doorbell.
"Trick or treat!" We all said. Starchy let out a hearty laugh as he picked up the huge candy bowl on the ground beside him.
"Let's see…Billy...a cat…and a watermelon with caramel topping!" He exclaimed. Bubblegum was about to object, but I answered for her.
"Yes, that's exactly right. Most people don't get it right the first time." I snickered. She frowned at me again, but I ignored it as Starchy put a reasonable amount of candy in my bag. Bubblegum turned around and walked away from me swiftly when the door closed.
"Jeez, I got her mad." I laughed, and Finn laughed with me.
"Hey, I hear there is a Halloween party at LSP's. You know LSP's parties are the best, we should go!" I said, grinning.
"I don't know…PB really seems into trick or treating this year…" His voice trailed off.
"Come on, we can invited her too. If she doesn't want to go then fine." I insisted. Finn sighed, but then nodded in agreement.
"Hey Peebles! Wanna go to LSP's party?" He shouted up to her. She turned around and frowned, shaking her head.
"Well, we're going!" I concluded, grabbing Finn's wrists and floating ten feet above the ground.
"Bye bye, Bonnibel!" I say joyfully, flying away and to the raging music in the middle of the woods.

"Oh mah glob you guys, thanks for coming! Come in and party!" LSP laughed as I landed in the midde of the huge group of creatures dancing. I raised my eyebrows but didn't say anything, and let go of Finn's wrists. He smiled and started dancing with the rest of the group and I danced with him. Well…not exactly with him, but next to him at least.
"Okay you guys! Now it's time to slow things down!" I heard LSP announce, and I saw Finn's face turn red. When I looked around it looked like everybody had a date. Except me and Finn. I looked at him and shrugged, stepping forward.
"Hehe…want to dance?" I asked, smiling. His face got even redder as he nodded. She put one of his hands on my waist and the other wrapped around my hand.
"You know Marcy…this isn't as awkward as I thought it would be." Finn said, smiling after a few minutes.
"Ditto." I said, returning his smile.
"You know…I didn't think this Halloween was going to be that fun. But I guess I was wrong." He said, his smile getting wider. He moved his head forward quickly, and he pressed his soft lips against mine.
I smiled as he pulled away, "I couldn't agree more."
Finnceline had the most votes, so it was first ^-^ Hope you guys like it!
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