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January 29, 2013
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I fiddled with the strings of my bass, not really planning to do anything else that day. There wasn’t anything to do. Finn’s birthday went well, he told me last night. He actually went on and on about what he got…silly boy. I strangely found myself thinking about him lately, when I’m floating in bed, when I’m playing my bass. It’s gotten to the point where it’s annoying. But I can’t stop, no matter what I do. Everything I try just gets me thinking about him again. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door and a series of shuffling noises. I floated to it lazily, not exactly wanting to, and opened it a tiny bit.
“Who is it?” I tried to hiss, but it came out hoarse. I heard a chuckle.
“It’s me! Finn! Who else? And you have a window you know.” He laughed, pushing the door open. I levitated away, blushing lightly.
“I know!” I said weakly. He looked at me curiously as he closed the door.
“Is something wrong?” Finn asked, taking a seat on my bright orange couch. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes groggily. I floated beside him, and patted his head, “Hey, did you save me some cake?” I asked, smiling.
He laughed loudly and smiled a toothy grin at me, making me smile wider, of course. He shook his head and put his hands over his face, pretending to brace himself. I giggled and punched his arm lightly.
“So what do you want anyways?” I asked, floating around his head. His face got red and he shrugged.
“I don’t know. Can’t I just hang out with you?” He asked, looking down at the floor. My cheeks started to burn.
“O-Oh...well yeah you can...I” I couldn’t find the words to speak an actual sentence. We both stared into space for a long time, just trying to find something to say to make it less awkward. Finally Finn lifted his head.
“W-Well aren’t we going to do something? Something fun? I’m fifteen now!” He said, as if I didn’t know already. I laughed and shrugged off the previous moment, floating towards the door.
“Fine, fine. What do you want to do, hero?” I asked him, raising one of my eyebrows at him. He got up from my uncomfortable couch, and smiled at me.
“We could go to Treetrunks’s. I bet she’s baking some pies right now. Apple pies of course. And that means for you, red pies. They’re the best.” He said, grinning, obviously excited. I laughed and nodded, opening the door, not really caring about what I looked like. I floated out and Finn followed me, and off to Treetrunks’s we were.

“Oh, Finn, I see you’ve brought your girlfriend!” Treetrunks said happily in her chirpy, slurring voice. Finn’s face got red, as did mine, and he shook his head.
“N-No she’s not my girlfriend. We’re just here for some pies, if that’s okay with you.” He corrected her shyly.
“But what about that picture you keep-” Finn cut Treetrunks off with a hug, sweeping her off of her stubby legs.
“How about some pies?” Finn said, setting her down near the oven. Treetrunks wobbled and regained her balance.
“Oh my…well..oh, yes, pies.” She said, smiling. I glanced at Finn, and wondered what she had said. A picture? Does he keep a picture of me? Finn glanced at me, and smiled, embarrassed, but pretended Treetrunks had said nothing. I squinted, but shook my head, rubbing my temple. He couldn’t be.
“Lucky for you two I had one baking already, and it’s all ready to be eaten now,” She paused, taking it out of the oven with her trunk, “Eat me, eat me!” She said, pretending to be the pie. Finn laughed sat at her table with a loud thump, and I hovered beside him. Treetrunks put the steaming pie in front of us, and I swear Finn drooled. He cut it into two large slices, taking one whole half, and dumping the other on a plate he passed me. I huffed in amusement. Charming. I poked my pie with uncertainty, even though I had tasted Treetrunks amazing pie before, but I didn’t want to pig out in front of Finn. Wait…since when do I care? But still, I took small bits with my fork and drained the delicious red shade from their berries.
“How’s the pie Marcy?” Finn asked loudly, his mouth full of food, some of which landed on my sleeve. I wiped it off casually and nodded.
“It’s delicious.” I said, smiling. He grinned back at me, bits of pie stuck in between his shiny teeth. I laughed at this, the way he had no idea of it, and he looked at me like I was crazy.
“You’re gross dude.” I laughed, and pretended to wipe my eyes of tears. He turned the other way and made a fake, exaggerated puking noise, and then picked his teeth a little with his finger nail. He turned back to me and shrugged.
“It’s just me.” He said, chuckling. I shook my head and flicked some crumbs at him, to which he pretended to be fatally wounded by them. I laughed as he ‘collapsed’ in the seat, saying his ‘final’ words.
“Oh my! Finn! What have you done?” Treetrunks exclaimed from the doorway. She trotted quickly over to him and before he could say anything about the fact that he was not dying, she began to give him mouth to mouth.
“Agh! Treetrunks stop!” Finn shouted, pushing her away gently and getting up. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see straight, so I don’t know what Treetrunks did. When the tears went away from my eyes she was giving me a sour look from the oven. I looked at Finn and he was wiping his mouth, which made me crack up again.
“Not funny! She thought I was dead!” Finn said to me, but he began to laugh too, soon after.
“Okay, okay, it was kind of funny.” He admitted, getting up from his chair, “I think we should go now. Pie’s gone and I’m pretty sure Treetrunks has had enough of us.” He said, his eyes sparkling. I nodded in agreement, and popped one stray berry that had come out of the pie into my mouth before maneuvering myself away from the table, following Finn.
“See you later Tee-Tee!” He said, waving to her as he passed. She smiled.
“Any time Finn!” She said, but she didn’t say anything to me. Of course she didn’t.
“Well that was fun.” Finn said as he closed the door behind us and we were walking away from the small cottage. Not walking anywhere in particular, just walking. I agreed, and we walked in silence for a while.
“Hey…what did she mean when she said you kept a picture? A picture of what?” I asked, as if I couldn’t make things any more awkward. He looked down at his feet.
“Nothing.” He said only, and he didn’t say anything else after that. We soon found our way to my house, and I floated to the doorknob, but hesitated turning it. I looked back at Finn, and saw he was waiting for me to go in.
“Well…see you again soon I guess.” I said lamely, waving my hand. He nodded and put his hands in his pockets, still waiting apparently. I turned back to the knob, but then looked at Finn again.
“Hey…maybe we could something like this another time?” I said slowly. Finn stared at his shoes for a long time, his cheeks red.
“Yes I would love that. Good bye Marcy.” He said quickly, turning around and walking briskly out of my cave. I let out an exasperated sigh. Why was he so eager to leave? Is it because it’s me? Did he even really want to? I asked these questions to myself as I entered my house, and floated upstairs into my bedroom.
“…Whatever.” I said simply, turning off my light and flopping into bed, not floating, but just lying there like a starfish, not caring if I wasn’t in my pajamas or what time it was. I had to think. Maybe my dreams would do all the thinking for me.
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