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October 14, 2012
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"You're such a dork." I laughed, poking Finn in the butt. He had just tried to jump over a mutated tree stump that covered more land than Princess Bubblegum's castle, and had landed on his face doing it.
"Ow." He said, rolling over on his back and laughing with me, his cheeks red. I snickered and grabbed onto his arms, floating higher and higher, bringing him with me. He gripped my arms and laughed heartily, but I knew I had scared him a little by the shakiness in his laughter.
"Where are you forcing me to now?" He asked, his voice almost swept away by the wind.
I giggled, "It's a surprise, and I know you'll love it." Finn frowned, obviously not too excited, but that didn't dampen my spirit. I continued flying towards the Candy Kingdom, and Finn rolled his eyes.
"You're bringing me to the Candy Kingdom? How is that a good surprise?" He asked me I slowed down my speed.
"Just be patient," I said, and smiled, "or else I'll drop you." Finn looked up at me skeptically, trying to make it clear he knew I was joking, but I still felt his grip get tighter. We landed in the middle of the Candy Kingdom, and I looked around. No one was here, just as I planned.
"Where is everyone?" I heard Finn say. I turned and saw he was very curious, and I couldn't help but grin. I quickly tried to hide it as his head turned towards me, and started walking to Bubblegum's castle.
"Maybe Bonnie is in." I said, scanning the area in front of me to make sure no one could be seen. We reached the steps and I opened the door without hesitation, peering into the empty corridor. I shrugged when I noticed Finn looking at me.
"Might as well look in her lab." I suggested, already walking in the castle. Finn nodded and followed me quietly. I kept glancing over at him, trying to read his emotions. He must know this is all a setup, just a big surprise for him, but his face didn't register that. I felt Finn poke me in the ribs when we were halfway down the hall.
I turned, "Hm?" Finn looked at me, his sparkling blue eyes huge.
"What kind of elaborate plan is this?" He asked, pronouncing 'elaborate' wrong. I chuckled, putting my hand on his cold shoulder.
"Patience." I said, smiling. We had arrived at Bubblegum's laboratory, and Finn rushed in.
"Peebles, what is Marceline planning-" He stopped when he saw no one in the lab. He whipped around, and I saw the annoyance on his face.  
"This is boring Marcy." He muttered, crossing his arms. I laughed and grabbed his hands. I saw him blush, but before my own body could register what we were doing I jumped backwards through the window. He let out a small yelp, and ripped his hands from mine, only to wrap them around my waist as we fell. I didn't start floating until we were mere inches from the ground, and he almost was thrown off by the force. He jumped off of me as soon as he realized it was safe, and he turned to me as I landed, my hands on my hips.
"You!" He yelled, pointing at me with both of his hands.
"Me!" I giggled, patting his head.
"Her!" I heard Princess Bubblegum laugh as she came up behind Finn. He screamed in shock again, and jumped backwards as he turned to Bubblegum, falling in my arms.
"Happy birthday Finn!" Bubblegum said loudly, and all the candy people that had been hiding came out, arms full of presents. Finn blinked in surprise, as if he had forgotten all about his sixteenth birthday, but his face had lit up, and he laughed.
"Boy, you guys really got me!" He chuckled, walking away from me and to the candy people. Jake had came out of his hiding place also, with Lady Rainicorn by his side. As Finn opened his arms in welcome, I lingered in my former landing spot. Everyone seemed so happy to see him, but no one even glanced at me. I sighed, this is how it had been since I had been born. I was shunned because I was just this gloomy, immortal freak. After a few minutes of 'thank you's and putting presents away, Finn stood in the middle of the huge crowd. I stood at the very edge, trying to talk to him, but it was like nobody wanted me to. I let out another sigh and turned, walking away.
"Marcy! Marcy, wait!" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned and my face lit up at Finn running towards me, face red.
"Thanks for doing this." He said, lightly punching me in the arm.
I smiled, "Thank you for liking it." I said. He returned my smile and began to turn away, but something inside me made me not want him to.
"Finn, wait." I said, lightly grabbing his wrist. He turned to me, those beautiful blue eyes curiously waiting for my response. My brain went blank, and I suddenly didn't know what to say.
"Happy….happy birthday squirt." I said gently, putting the hair that had fallen out of his hat back into place. I hesitated as I leaned in to lightly kiss his cheek, and I felt my cheeks get warm as I looked at him, and my heart suddenly fluttered when he smiled warmly at me. I blinked, and then stepped back, surprised for no reason.
"I..I have to go." I stuttered. Finn frowned, and was about to object, but I jumped off the ground and floated away from him before he could, and as I levitated away from him, I could only see his curious face, along with those gorgeous, adventurous, and absolutely wonderful blue eyes.
I still ship Gumceline and Flinn. Hope you enjoy it ^-^

Thumbnail made by :iconjackie-lyn: <----I love her so you should check out her art :)
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